Saturday, September 25, 2010

A little time off...

Two things are conspiring to bring this particular blog to a temporary halt of operations.

For one, there haven't been many crossings-over of the world of politics and gaming lately that have really caught my interest. I could probably do a write up about certain little controversies that have occurred, like the Medal of Honor team Taliban snafu and others, but those games don't matter much to me. I find myself having a hard time caring about such little events that so many gaming journalists have turned into full blown stories. I started this blog mostly because I found that gaming journalists so often stuck insipid political comments into their gaming pieces, but it happens so often that I'm bored with it. Do I still find it inappropriate (not to mention pedantic) when I read a game preview and get treated to some puerile potshot against Fox News out of nowhere? Yes, and I probably always will. I just won't write about it so much, at least for a while.

Secondly, I'm effing broke. It is hard to do game reviews and be current and relevant when I can't afford to buy many games anymore. Lucky for me the last batch of must-have games like Halo: Reach, Starcraft 2, and others are all derivative drivel that don't interest me much. Still, I need to secure some income if I want to keep gaming, and consequently keep writing about gaming.

So what happens now? Well, I'm still going to post at the Stingy Hat Games blog, perhaps more than ever now. I'm getting dangerously close to a release of an alpha version of my Quake mod, so I have much to write about on that front. A side effect of discontinuing this blog is that I can unreservedly work more on my indie game developing projects. As for Conservative Gamer Bloke, I'm sure it will be back eventually. I'm too politically charged to be able to go too long without something happening that pisses me off enough to write about it, you can count on that.

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