Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogging my way through Ultima and MORE Features!

So I stumbled upon this Ultima series blog the other day. Basically, this blogger played through an Ultima game and talked about it as he went. I want to adapt this idea for myself for a couple of reasons:
  1. You know my feelings on long games. The Ultima games are loooooong, and mayhaps by blogging them I will actually play them to finish. I've always wanted to.
  2. It could be a fun regular update.
  3. I'm running out of ideas for the blog already anyway.
  4. I just said friggin' "mayhaps", I'm clearly in a medieval mood.

Sound good? Well alright then. I've already dug out my old Ultima 7 and I'm ready to get started. I am going to keep a walkthrough on standby, if my progress gets too muddy and slow. Also, I'm setting the combat difficulty to Easy -1, because the combat in Ultima 7 is lame anyways so I don't mind eliminating any unneeded frustration.

Also, Wolfenstein is finally hitting the shelves. Because I am a sucker for big name games, even when they might suck, I long ago reserved my copy for PC and will be picking it up shortly. I plan on writing about it daily as I play, to illustrate how good/bad it is based on whether or not I can muster up the will to continue playing it after two weeks. This is the way games should be reviewed in my opinion, and would be if reviewers could take that long playing them.

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