Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ultima 7 Day 3

I just finished Skara Brae, a piece of gameplay that many hold to be the best part of Ultima 7. I haven't beaten the game so I can't yet say if I agree or not, but I will say that Skara Brae definitely typifies the gameplay of Ultima 7. Skara Brae shows all of the negatives of Ultima 7 by forcing you into a lot of boring combat, having really easy quests that involve no more than following exactly what the NPCs tell you to do, and being incredibly buggy (I had to revert back to an earlier save no less than THREE times before I finished because certain scripts weren't firing). Yet at once Skara Brae also shows the positives of Ultima 7 by having such an intriguing story that you don't end up caring about all of the negatives.

Anywho, I've gone through some more gameplay without anything worth noting. The Storeroom was a kind of neat puzzle, although the crate stacking was ugly and a pain. At this moment the Guardian's plans are becoming a bit more clear thanks to some friendly Wisps and the Time Lord. Now I have to go somewhere and do more random stuff for random people before said random people will aid me in saving their own stupid world. Go figure.

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