Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ultima 7 Day 4-5

Well, I beat it. Yeah, I really started to just plow through it near the end. I didn't do it so much because I was getting bored, I really wasn't, but just because I don't have the time to give the playing my usual going-over. Still, the game was super fun.

One thing that struck me in my playing was that the back half of the game was a lot more puzzle heavy. Real puzzles, tough puzzles. In the first part of the game the NPCs all but tell you exactly what to do, but in the back half you have these obtuse invisible wall/appearing/disappearing bridge puzzles that are fun but tough.

The Isle of the Avatar part of the game was a little frustrating at times, though. They continually threw these liches at me that could kill my Avatar in one hit, so I had to know when they were coming and slip on a ring of invisibility for safety. My guess is that I was supposed to be of a higher level at this point in the game, but the ring trick worked and I was inclined to just say screw it and abuse the magical jewelry.

I have one more Ultima 7 (PC) blog left, where I will put some closing thoughts on the overall game design. Stay tuned.

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