Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wolfenstein Day 2

Will Power to Play Rating: 0

The game is still fun. I read in a review today that the reviewer was able to play through the entire game, all side missions included, in 6 hours. While I think that I am nearing the end game missions, I'm probably already past the 6 hour mark so I'm not sure how he accomplished it. Maybe a lower difficulty? I'm playing on hard, and it really isn't particularly challenging (fun nonetheless). It certainly helps that the checkpoint saving system is very generous (as it should be).

Speaking of reviews, the game is doing about as well as I had expected based on my time with it yesterday. It seems to be netting reviews solidly in the B to B+ range. A B+ is nothing to scoff at, and the game deserves it. The franchise Wolfenstein, however, does deserve better. Hopefully with Zenimax's help ID can pump out the next Wolfenstein in-house and really make a mark with it.

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