Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ultima 7 Day 1

Ah, Ultima 7. You will never find such a deep and alive game world. In my short time in game I've managed to both change diapers and wake up a sleeping thief of a child by throwing a bucket of blood on him. If that kid had issues enough to make him a thief before this incident, he is likely to become a serial killer now.

My party consists of Iolo, Spark, and I just netted Shamino. Lord British just brought me up to speed on the recent goings on in Britania. Nearly every NPC in the game so far goes on and on about The Fellowship. It all sounds like Scientology to me. I'm going to talk to Batlin in a bit and see just what this cult is up to. Then probably steal from him, or at least order Iolo to. Then on to Cove. Woot.

On a side note: I'm playing using Exult, mainly because I want the graphical and gui enhancements (k for key!). However, the game has already crashed on me once. Hopefully that was just an anomaly.

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